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Blower Motors and Fan Motors.....

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I wonder how far these small variations of the motors characteristics can influence the performance of the systems. Can someone explain this technically?

Do you use to cut the shaft when it is too long or not?

Blower #1: 115V, HP: 1/3, HZ:60, 1PH, RPM:1075,4 speed, AMP: 5.8
Blower #2: 115V, HP: 1/3, HZ: 60, 1PH RPM:1075,3 speed, AMP: 5.0 (replacement)

Fan #1: 208-230V, HP: 1/5, HZ: 60, 1PH, RPM:1075, AMP:1.5
Fan #2: 208-230V, HP: 1/4, HZ:60, 1PH, RPM;1075, AMP:1.7

Thank Y'all
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If the shaft is too long, you have to cut it, and a hack saw or sawzall works good for that.

On your blower choice, the replacement is a weaker motor, and won't move as much air, if the A/C is on high speed.

I try to stay closer on the fan motors. meaning I would use a 1/6 instead of a 1/4 HP motor generally. Your amp draw is very close tough, and probably won't give you a problem.
Shaft is 2 inches long.
2" doesn't sound like you have a motor with too long of a shaft.
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