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Blower Motor Rotation Direction

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I am working on a Trane /American Standard heat pump replacing the module and blower motor. Bought one on line, installed it and it runs but it spins in the wrong direction. I ordered the same one I took out, MOT09609, they also offered MOT9609. Is that for two different rotations? I am having trouble with them about returning it for the correct one. Is there another way of reversing the direction of that rotation, Change leads on the power input? One tech that diagnosed this unit said something about the motor being run on DC current? If thats the case, wouldnt switching leads into the motor make it run the other way?
SERIAL# 4491K31H

Any advice would be appreciated
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The modules on true variable speed motors need to be programmed to tell them what furnace or air handler it is in. That module is probably the unprogrammed one.

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The supplier claimed it was programmed correctly for my unit, I sent pictures of the unit Label and everything. Nowhere on the box it came in, on the module or anywhere does the new one have that part #. MOT09609. Now they are giving me trouble with returning it for the right one. My old one had a big sticker on it that said the program # and rotation, this new one has nothing like that. If they keep giving me grief i'll just return it through Ebay and find it somewhere else.
You should check the old module - it may just be a thermister that's bad and it's replaceable if you have a soldering iron and solder.
X2 on troubleshooting the old module. It may be repairable.
Check static pressure on the system once it’s back up and running. To avoid possible repeat problems.
doubt he has the tools to check static.
doubt he has the tools to check static.
Probably should reach out to someone then, that does.
it's hard to justify buying all the right tools for use one or two uses.

cheapest manometer plus tubes and tips, could be looking at close to $100.
According to Trane, the MOT09609 is a reversible motor.
I am guessing you didn't go through an authorized distributor?
Thanks for all the advice and suggestions.

Yes it was store on ebay.

They claim it's programmed as an MOT09609 for Trane, but it turns the wrong way. No labels on the thing except for one that says MOT04 P002 Which they say is their code for the Trane #. ?
Seems odd to me. If there was a choice between CCW and CW rotation on that program, I would think they would have asked which one it should be.

The old module label says CW plain as day.
The problem is no one can tell me which end of the motor that rotation is gauged from Looking at the Shaft end or the lead end?
In this case, it must be the back end because my old one said CW and that would have been looking from the lead end of the motor. It rotated correctly.
Unfortunately that is a very small shop with no resources. If fact they actually close from time to time for "religious reasons".
I would keep pressuring them for a return. As I mentioned, the model number you gave is for a reversible motor. I would think it fits in a few different models of air handlers.
But unless the one they sent you is reversible, they didn't live up to their obligation or promise. Can I ask what you paid for it?
The motor label has a little double ended arrow over the word "Rotation". I would assume it is reversible. Same motor that came out of the thing, 1/2 HP Genteq.. I put in a new Motor several years ago using the old module. Worked fine until the circ fan quit again. I paid a local shop to come and diagnose it. They said the motor was bad and the module probably was too. They said they usually change both pieces as a unit.
I paid 454.00 for this one(set). I can return it, they just want to charge for restocking at 25%. Unless I have a "technician" write them a note with their AC Journeyman's license # saying they saw it turning backwards. I'll hound them some more. They actually sound like a large concern, I guess that's just the internet, can't tell. Thanks for the help.
It may be a reversible motor, but its controlled by the module. Program it CW and it goes one way and ccw it goes the other.
The motor I received was the exact same one that I was replacing. It's the module and its programming that determines which way it rotates.
They programmed the module wrong for this instance, if they programmed it at all. If it's a small outfit, I doubt they can do that.
One of their messages said to find someone that can program a module and have them do it, it doesn't sound like they can do it themselves.
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