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I have a trane xr95 furnace, unit is only one month old. Heres the series of events that takes place every time the tstat calls for heat.....
tstat calls for heat
inducer fan turns on for couple seconds
igniter lights the burners
4 seconds later blower fan comes on
1 second later blower shuts off
1 second later blower comes on
1 second later blower shuts off
does this for 6 or 7 times then a long pause maybe 15 seconds and the blower comes on for good until room is up to temp burners go out, blower stays on for about two time the tstat calls for heat the cycle starts over. What could be wrong? almost sounds like the plenum isn't up to temp so the blower shuts off then comes on and sees its not up to temp and shuts off I'm not sure how these new high efficiency furnaces work i can't find a fan limit switch anywhere.......
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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