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Blower motor not working

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I have a firstco 24HBXB-HW air handler with a Goodman GSZ130241AB condenser. Problem I have is no blower power. I have tested the blower motor and ohmed it, it's works on all 3 speeds with direct power and ohmed out good. I also replaced the capacitor as it was reading 15% below the 5 mfd the it is rated for. I have low voltage at the board so I belive the transformer is good. When thermostat calls for heat I hear a relay clicking and the condenser outside kicks in then about 30 seconds later another relay click and the pump starts circulating hot water to the coil but I never get power to the blower from the board. Same in A\C mode, relay clicks on with condenser and pipes to cold coil get super cold and freeze over with no blower power. My question is before I replace the board is there a temp sensor or something I'm missing outside in the condenser that is not sending the signal for the blower to start or is it all controlled from the board in the air handler? What sends the signal to start the blower? I attached a pic of the board. Thanks for any help.


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First of all, let's not run the compressor without the indoor fan working. You'll damage the compressor that way. At your thermostat, select "fan on" instead of "fan auto". If the fan isn't working then, we'll try bypassing the thermostat. You'll need a wire to connect R to G inside the air handler.

I'll look up that model number later.

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