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Blower motor help

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I have these two motors that I cant figure out how to wire up as just a blower for my shop. I have capacitors for both motors. I would appreciate any help i can get wiring these up. I know the colored wires are for different speeds but can't figure it out. Dont want to mess them up either. But. ... i dont really know if the motors are good either. So any help is appreciated!!


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They look like condensor fan motors. The type in your resi AC. They need a blade and to be mounted inside a AC to get the proper airflow over the blade or they won't work properly or get up to speed properly if they even work. They are also 240 volt.

Not something suitable for a garage IMO.
Yuri.... you are correct on all accounts. The motor is currently in a squirrel cage with fan blades attached. They came from a furnace. I just need to know how to wire them up or how to test them would be great too.
Not to be negative but if they are in a furnace squirrel cage fan those fans need to work with/against some ductwork. Those are PSC permanent split capacitor motors and unlike a belt drive won't get up to speed unless working against ductwork.

I don't have a safe easy way to wire them up and test them. They should be used in the furnace or airhandler they were meant for IMO.
Yuri........ I am fully, FULLY, aware that the motors will burn up if they don't have any resistance. Obviously they "should" be used in the furnace they were made for... Obviously there are all manner of dangers that i should be (and am) aware of. BUT i wasnt asking about the dangers. I just want to know how to wire it up or test it. So you can't help me. No worries at all! Maybe someone else can.
Roughneck. I intended to use 220 but only because i thought it was my only option. Can i use 110 for these?
No, 208/230 only. You have to determine which you have for wiring.
How do you plan on using these? Just a blower assembly sitting on the floor? Bolted to a propeller?
I have 220 in my shop so thats not an issue. I was going to mount one of them up on a wall to get the air moving. I have a carcus made for it that allows for a filter to be added. I also have a vent/cover/grate on the output that will restrict the flow and allow me to point the air where i want it to go. I have another one that I've already set up like this that sits on locking casters. It was 110 and i was able to uninstall it myself so i had zero problems getting it going. Works like a champ. With these, and my lack of experience with 220, i dont want to ( scared to) do any trial and error. This picture shows it in just the squirrel cage.
For the r283s:
ORANGEto hot (L1) and one side of capacitor
BROWN to other side of capacitor
BLACK or RED (but not both) connected to the other hot (L2) tape off the unused wire

For the V413AS:
PURPLE to hot (L1) unless you only have 208V in your garage then use YELLOW instead. (only one or the other, tape off the unused wire)
BROWN and BROWN to either side of cap
BLACK or RED (but not both) connected to the other hot (L2) tape off the unused wire

Use black or red to choose the speed of the motor. Check your amps after starting it. It is critical that it's under rated capacity.

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Thank you, thank you!! All is good now!
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