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Ok folks lets see if you all can figure this one out, I have a Goodman CPKE30-1 heat pump, and a Central Electric Furnace EB108 unit inside my mobile home. After a lightning storm where we got some sort of electrical surge possibly we started having problems the next day.
It was during the end of winter so obviously I was using heat still.
The only heating issue I had and still have is when the heat cycles off the outside heat pump keeps running forcing me to shut it off manually at the T-stat.
Now that it is warm out and I need AC: only the heat pump comes on, the indoor fan blower does not come on at all no matter what I set the T-stat on, it wont even come on when I set it on "fan". but when I set it to heat it comes on.
is there a way I can jump the blower wire to at least get it to blow while I am troubleshooting and getting a new part for it?
Right now I have resorted to using window units......hate em
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