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I've got a question about bricking up an old window in my cellar. First off, this house is 116 years old, and we actually know very little about its history. What we do know is it has had many odd and often hack job repairs and updates over the years. The original foundation is limestone. Now this window by the looks of it is in what appears to have been a doorway at some point, but I can't say for sure. The "doorway" was mostly filled in with red brick, and then topped with a 29" wide by 21" high window. By the construction of the window, I'm guessing this was done at least 50 years ago. The window frame was long ago eaten away by termites, and a previous owner covered the outside with a piece of plywood, and packed the holes in the frame with fiberglass insulation, and left it at that.

Now last summer, we had a concrete block addition done to the basement, which replaced half of the limestone foundation. One wall of it goes all the way to the window and red brick. So basically I'm trying to fill in a hole that is limestone on one side, red brick on the bottom, modern concrete block on the other side, and the wooden base of the house across the top. So what is going to be the best block and mortar to use for the four different materials that surround this hole?
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