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Blew up dimmer. Now light won't work...

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Hi, I have 2 lights in my bathroom that are on a 3-way circuit. One of the switches had a dimmer. I purchased two new recess lights and went about installing them. You can see these in the pic. Please ignore all the wires in the closest one - I was testing a different fixture/bulb to see if it was the wiring or the fixture that was faulty.
Initially, I installed the closest (#1)one successfully and set about installing the second (#2). The screws holding the metal box in place were stripped, so I had a nightmare of a time trying to remove it. I attached the wires to the new junction box that came with the light fixture and left it to the next morning to attack the metal box again. I figured that this would be fine, but while using the bathroom this morning, the #1 light went out. I flicked the breaker and it worked again, but when I flicked the dimmer switch off and on again, there was a spark and the dimmer switch and close light ceased to work.
I set about installing the far light (#2), managed to remove the metal box and successfully installed it. I put the old 3-way switch back in place of the burnt-out dimmer, and it works, but only light #2 now works. Light #1 seems to be broken somehow. I tested the new recess fixture and it works when attached elsewhere. I then attached an old fixture to the outlet of #1 and tried several bulbs, but nothing seems to work. Is it possible that I have fried the wiring for this outlet? Wouldn't that render the entire 3-way circuit useless though, not just one of the two outlets?
Most importantly, how can I fix this?? Unfortunately I don't have a voltage tester, so I can't check if there is a current from the outlet wires.
Thanks for your help![email protected]/23346248681/in/dateposted-public/
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Have you checked the connections at the first fixture?
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