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Hello all. I am used to replacing outlets and lightswitches by myself, but I noticed in older apartment buildings (70 years or more) they have blackened (corroded?) wires, sometimes a bit frayed insulation with threads sticking off the ends.

Should I leave them as is, or try to clean the wires in some way?

With the power safely off I tried soaking the ends with a vinegar/salt solution but it did not help. After that I tried scraping the wiring a bit with pliers to reveal the bright copper underneath the black coating. It worked but I think it was a bad idea as I may have thinned the wires and reduced their load capacity. (!!) Considering that, would it be wise to reopen the outlets and trim the wire back?

Also thinking since some outlets are wired as as a pass through with two connections needed, I could add a wire nut and a new short wire to simplify these connections.
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