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Black specks in hot water (only second floor)

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I'm getting black specks in my water when running hot water, but it is only on my second floor. We have well water with a salt water softener. The specks are more oil-like and smear if I press my finger on them. The specks come out when I run the hot water (hotter the water = more specks). It happens in both of my bathrooms on the second floor, but I don't get the specks on the first floor of my house. We had our hot water heater replaced a year or two ago, and even had the anode rod replaced again since that seemed like it could have been the issue, but the specks continue. Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be causing them? Thanks!
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The water softener is maybe 7 to 10 years old, but we have it serviced regularly and has been working well. If it was something wrong with the water softener, would I have the issue with both the hot and cold water? Also it is odd I'm only seeing the specks on the second floor of my home.

I'm not sure the type of anode rod I have, but attached is a picture of the anode rod we took out after it was in the water heater for about a year. My understanding is the little bits out of the anode rod is typical, but does this look abnormal and could be causing the specks?


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