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Big Thanks to the Forum on Paint Brands

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Hi All,

I'm a forum newbie - I joined because I wanted to paint the interior of a newly purchased house and had intended to use Behr paint because it's easily available, inexpensive, has great colors and was highly rated by Consumer's Reports.

Before buying paint, I googled "Behr reviews" and came across this forum.

After reading all of the posts about Behr, I was skeptical that it could be as bad as everyone on this board seems to think but decided to do an experiment - I purchased a few Behr samples and samples in similar colors from the local paint stores - Benjamin Moore, Kelly Moore, Sherwin Williams and Dunn Edwards - and applied all of them to the same wall.

All I can say is, wow - you guys are absolutely right. The Behr was not good - it went on like glop, didn't really hold a wet edge, sagged and would have required 3-4 coats to cover a wall that was painted a medium brown; it also reeked. In contrast, all of the other paints were far easier to use, covered much better and were low or no odor. We decided to use Dunn Edwards and I spent the weekend doing what turned into an easy repaint instead of pulling out my hair.

So you guys are absolutely right - once you try good paint, you won't want to use anything else. Thanks for the info and the education!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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