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it appears to be an invisibelis tyranus homodevourous. It would appear yours is in the larval stage where they are still visible.

If you could see an adult, it would scare the bejebus out of you. The problem is, as the name implies; it eats people. There is only one way to protect yourself and that is to alter your body chemistry to cause you to taste bad to the thing. Entomologists have determined that by elevating the level of aluminum in your system, they do not like the taste of human flesh any. They have found the simples means to add aluminum to your system is by wearing one of these:

I just happen to have a store that sells them. Mine have been proven to be the most effective at achieving the desired results of all systems designed to increase the aluminum content of your body. You can buy them at or by sending $99.95 to this website (DIY Chatroom). Due to the current and surprising increase in the number if sitings of the i.t. ****, we are offering a special offer of 2 hats for the price of 3 if you act now.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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