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bifold doors

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Does anyone know how to install trackless bifold doors with laminate flooring?
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trackless??? no track at the top or bottom?
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I've installed many bi-fold doors ... Cant say i've ever seen much less installed ones without a track
Yes, I have installed several trackless bi-fold doors. You hang them just like you do double doors except the two doors that hing from the supporting doors will be hinged backwards to fold against the back of the supporting door when open. Another thing is be sure the top hinges of the supporting doors are secured with maybe longer screws into the framing members as there is some pressure on the top hinges.

I hung triple bi-fold (no track) doors 8 foot tall made from MDF (their choice, not mine), that was an experience, had to use ball bearing hinges and really beef up the framing. It is tough to keep doors that heavy from sagging as they are very heavy.
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How are they kept aligned. What keeps them from just swinging out into the room, or back into the closet?

And what would the type of flooring have to do with anything?
Thanks for the info Jim, but i was wondering about the pivot that goes into the laminate, as it is a floating floor and was told you can't put weight that moves around on it. I guess everytime you open/close the bifolds it puts pressure on the floor and shifts it some what.
Loriel, there is no pivot on the floor, they are hung just like a regular door, the hinges are on the door jamb just like your front door is.

Willie, we used magnetic catches to hold each door against the door stop and on some I have installed we used the ball catches in the header piece of the jambs. When opening the doors they will swing into the room if you don't fold them up as they are opened. I have seen where the two clips that are used on the bottom back on regular bi-folds, to keep the bottoms aligned, used with this type bi-fold. I never did like them because they rubbed the backs of the doors.
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I tried them.. not impressed.

Trackless seems OK when used outside (fence), or as in a fireplace door, but as a hallway closet they are very large and swing everywhere, sag...

Stay with normal, track on top (IMO)
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