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Bids Needed for Log Home Build.

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We are looking for reputable bids from subcontractors in the Lawrenceburg Tennessee area. Specifically Foundation, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and Roofing. They will need to be bondable and insurable with local references. If anyone is, or knows of anyone in our area, please advise..Thanks guys..:)
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Sorry Bill, I don't know anyone over your way. If you see a house being built in the area you may stop by and check out their work and find out who is doing what, sometimes you find some good subs that way.

Be sure to make sure your subs have workman's comp insurance or you will be stuck paying it, they will also need liability. Just a thought.
Try checking with a local, reputable Building Supply Company, for a list of log-home builders.
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I'll do it for a billion kazillion dollars.
Ditto on what Atlantic said. Check directly with the log manufacturer. They usually can provide some names. When you talk with each trade, make SURE they have experience with log homes. They can be a lot more difficult to install the mechanicals in. There are a lot of variables with the log homes that need to be taken into consideration. Planning is very critical to end up with a nice build on a log home. Good luck,
Mike Hawkins:)
Very true. We live in a log home we built by ourselves. The single biggest thing to deal with (figuratively and literally) was the HVAC.
Thanks folks,
I have a list of Subs from the manufacturer, but would like to get some locally as well, the log home company is about 100 miles from us. I know they need to be insured, but thanks for the reminder.
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