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Removed, painted and rehung 8 bi-fold doors.

7 are fine. Why does the last one pop open? Even when I close it gently it pops open. It feels "loose".

What needs adjusting?

thank you

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Close it, and look at the center gap between the two sides. If it is wider at the top, go look at the outside edge gaps on both sides. (wall to door)

If one is tighter than the other at the opposite end of the door, loosen the Phillips screw up near the pivot pin... slide the door a tiny bit toward the other door, and re tighten the screw.

If the bigger gap in the center is at the bottom...... take the same look at the outside bottoms. The one with the least amount of space has to be moved toward the other door. This is a bit harder.

If you are fortunate, you can lift the whole door at the bottom pivot pin, and relocate it one notch closer to the opposite door.

If not so lucky, you may have to first turn the bottom pivot pin clockwise to get enough looseness to pick the door up. After it's moved, you may have to turn it back counterclockwise.

All this turning will bump the pin up out of the notched track, so watch out for that.... it's a bit of a hassle.

In all likelihood, all you did was set one of the doors down in the wrong notch. An easy fix. Just lift it over to the next notch.
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