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Beware of the Elm Tree

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I dug out a foundation yesterday and could not believe the havoc a tree 60’ away can cause.

My sidewalk is lined with them at only 30’ out.:eek:
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Yup. When we bought the house that we are in now, we naturally invited the folks to look at it, and the only negative thing that my dad and father-in-law had to say, was "those damn elm trees need to go", and they were both very adamant about it (almost to the the point of being annoying). Well, dad died suddenly and unexpectedly right about then, but the father-in-law kept pestering me about it, so I caved, and we cut down 6 or 8 of them around the house the next spring. Now about 30 years later, and having seen some of the things that they had obviously seen over their years, whenever I see an elm tree near a structure, driveway, or drainfield, I think about those two wise ol' guys badgering me, because I now know that they very likely saved me a lot of grief. They are indeed a nuisance when it comes to anything man made.
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