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bevelled siding divider angles

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I am using a bevelled cedar 2x8 to divide the upper wall (cedar shingles) and the lower wall (board and batten). The divider is attached with the 22.5 degree bevelled cut to the wall and is at an angle to shed water as it runs down the shingles away from the lower wall. My question relates to corners. The mitre saw will be set to 2 different angles. The first is 45 degrees to accommodate the 90 degree corner, but what is the other angle? Is there a mathematical formula to figure this out?
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A math wizard will be along in a minute.

When I am faced with a cut like that , I will often place a stick of wood against the miter saw fence that will prop the work piece at the needed angle--then make standard mirer cuts--

Tape the riser strip to the frnce.

no math needed.
If you have a cad program, draw the siding piece to scale on the vertical house wall and the dimension command will figure the angle. Or to keep it simple, take a couple of small slices of the siding (1/2") and trace them on a piece of paper against a straight line to represent the house wall. Use a protractor to find the angle.
Mike Hawkins:smile:
If the dividing piece was at a 90 degree, then yes, a 45 degree mitre cut would work, however, the 22.5 degree angle will change the mitre and bevel angle.
There will be a compound cut involved because of the tip angle the dividing piece is installed at.
I have a chart someplace that I can't seem to find on the laptop, but will post back here if/when I discover its hiding place.
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