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Almost ready to strip paint off beveled cedar siding. Got a problem though!:huh:
My siding has a flat face for about 6 inches and then when it meets another piece of siding(tongue and groove) it slopes down an inch. It slopes down with a rounded finish( like a half pipe). So i can sand the flat side with a belt sander but with a rounded slope, anything that is flat will not enter the groove. So my question is, how do I sand the top lip of my siding? Will this part be done by elbow grease?:no: Another neighbor stopped by a few months ago asking if I wanted my siding. I am renovating my house and he probably thought I would get new siding. His house has the same siding and he was just sanding it. He said there is a special sander to get in that groove. I went over there today and I he wasn't home. It seemed as though he renovates houses and sells them. So I might not be able to talk to him again. I have looked online for like 3 hours now and I see no tool that would sand that 1" to 2" sloping bevel. I would think that a design would of been manufactured because not everyone has perfectly flat siding. Also talked to a rental shop. Any help appreciated.
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