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Best way to provide lighting in stairwell?

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I'm trying to fix the lighting in my stairwell to the basement. The previous owner just installed a surface mount light bulb and ran the cord back to a surface mounted electrical box with a switch, it's less than ideal and prone to problems since it's also just plugged into a nearby outlet.

I can't figure out if I should be putting in a recessed light above (which would have to deal with the limited space since there is a set of stairs above it too) or if I should do the down lighting by the stair treads which would at least light up where you walks. any ideas?

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A lot may depend on whether you can access the ceiling or either of the walls for box mounting and wire runs (even if there are a set of stairs above, there may be sufficient space in the voids under the treads). I would think any non-specialty lamp mounted on the ceiling would just shine back in your eyes. One of the side walls might be a better bet. I believe code requires stairway lighting to be switched at both top and bottom.
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