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Best way to move fridge on masonite boards so I don't scratch new floor?

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We just put new luxury vinyl tile in our kitchen. Will have to move the refrigerator back to the kitchen, but it's a big, heavy beast. What's the best way to move it over the new tile without scratching or denting it using boards on top of the floor?

It seems the pros use masonite or luan boards to roll the fridge on when there is a scratchable floor. Some use strips of these boards (i.e., 2'x4') but I can't figure out how they make turns if they are using strips of these boards.

Would larger 4'x4' boards work better? And how many would I need so I could make turns as I roll it to its new location? Can you get by with two 4'x4' boards and still make turns (moving the back one to the front as needed), or do you need a minimum of three? If I used two, since my fridge is about 3'x3', I'd kind of have to jimmy it back and forth to turn it on a single board, but maybe it would work?

What tips do you have so I only have to buy and store the minimum amount of boards for this project? Thanks much for the advice!!
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I just use an appliance cart.
A set of these will also work, you can leave them on place so at some point you can pull it out again to clean or paint behind it.

Trying to deal with narrow strips or little 4 X 4 pieces would drive me nuts.
Those things Joe showed you really work well they make one set for carpet and one for hard surface be sure to get the right one.
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