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Best way to hardwire Disposal and Dishwasher

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What's the best way to hard wire a dishwasher and garbage disposal? The previous owners ran romex through a piece of 1/2" flex conduit and secured the end of it inside the Sheetrock, basically just using it as a sleeve for the romex as it exits the wall. Is this method ok? Or can I just run the romex out the wall into the appliances like with the microwave/range hood? Or would it be better to install a metal switch box for the disposal and break out the two circuits to the dishwasher and disposal in the flex conduit stuff directly? This would of course mean more work, but I have the wall open right now.

They had practically ALL the outlets in the kitchen wired off one 20 amp circuit with the other circuit feeding the dining room outlets. Fridge was also on the same circuit as the kitchen countertop outlets. Range hood was wired off the master bedroom outlets. Now I am running 2 circuits for just the counter top outlets, one for the microwave, and one for the fridge. Then the dishwasher and disposal were already on their own circuits, and lights on another.
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Are you required to hardwire the DW/Disp?

Here (AZ), we always install appliance pigtails and plug them into a 1/2 switched recep under the sink.
One advantage of having a 1/2 switched receptacle under the sink is that you can use the non-switched outlet for an instant hot water dispenser
Unless the DW is pluged into it :whistling2:

That's the way it's been done here since I started in the trade in '74. 20 amp circuit and a half switched recep under the sink. Install the pigtails on the DW/Disp before they are installed so you are not working upside down, laying on the floor.

90% of the time we use a 3 wire home run which includes a counter top recep circuit as well. Since both circuits are going to the same JB so, might as well pull one cable.
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