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Hi All,

This is kind of a multi-disciplinary question so I posted it in B&C.

I am converting an existing opening in a block/brick (formerly exterior) wall to a bookshelf on one side, and wall to wall built in cabinets on the other side. The side with the built-in will be an office, with the TV room on the other side, so I am looking to mitigate noise. It does not have to be soundproof, just reasonable for times when I'm on a call while six kids are in there screaming.

The wall from outside to into the office is 1/2 sheetrock on 3/4 firring strips, full brick, 1/2" air gap, 4" cinder block, 3/4 firring strips, and about 7/8" plaster consisting of gypsum board, browncoat, and finish.

Besides sound reduction, my other goal is to create a surface to screw shelves into, possibly finished to provide an attractive backing for the system. However this may be a pipe dream and I'll be better off getting a system with a back. Whatever it ends up being also has to be able to work with 2 one-gang outlets that will be wired ~36" above finished floor.

I was thinking of taking these steps:

1) covering up the visible framing with 1/2" OSB (we left 1/2" depth to the stud surface and foaming around gaps/sides (I'll deal w/ the opposite side later but expect to pack it w/ rigid foam leftovers, or more homasote)
2) glue 1/2" homasote soundboard to the surface of the wall
3) plumb and attach either 3/4 melamine coated board OR 1/2" OSB by screwing through the homasote and plaster into the firring strips (these are nailed to the mortar so I dont' expect them to move, and I'd consider tapcons but they do poorly in real cinder block, which this is)

The cabinets will sit on the floor so this wall won't be supporting any weight.

Some have suggested using sheetrock instead, double sheetrock, etc etc. At this point I'm looking for either affirmation or a consensus for the best approach. Many thanks in advance for any advice!


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I'd put in 2x4 depth rockwool and drywall as normal. From the other side, also 2x4 stud wall (not attached to the existing), rockwool and drywall. But before the 2x4 wall, fill the space between with sheetrock layers. Cheapest dense material. Put the speakers away from that wall. You bypass the tv speakers with amplifier and separate speakers and don't use base(?) speaker.
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