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Best way to do transition

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We are in the midst of my hardwood flooring project. A few questions have came up.

1. What's the best way to do the transition from living room to dining room in picture one. We do have a T.

2. This is the threshold at the front entry way, how should we do this so the flooring ticks under it?


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We decided we were going to do cork down the line in the kitchen. Our hardwood is 3/4 and the linolium floor sits less then 1/4 below the hardwood.
A little more info please--

How thick is the hardwood?

Why a transition into the dining room? Why not just continue?

That adjustable threshold is rather short---will it need to be raised and the door cut?

Also I didn't realize I'd need to cut the front entry door. The hardwood will still slide easily with the hardwood installed. So your saying I need to cut into it? I could use my oscillating tool to do so. I used it to undercut the drywall so I wouldn't need quarter round at the baseboards.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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