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best way to add light to the sloped closet under staircase?

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What is the best or easiest way to add small light to the sloped closet under staircase?

This small closet has the electrical panel for the house, and right next to this closet, there is the HVAC closet where there is an electrical outlet. These days, with the LED light bulb, the max wattage for the new light would be about 50 or so, I guess.

Could this be an DIY project or require an electrician?
And does this require a permit?

I am a little handy with electrical work and understand a little basic electricity.

Thank you.
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I'm turning an understair closet into a kitchen pantry and putting in this kinda light-

It's got the 6000k (cool/blue white light) temperature I like (has the other temps too if you prefer the warm/yellow white type) and it's supposedly got a lens treatment that doesn't hurt your eyes as much - which I figured is a good thing since it'll be shining into my face when I go in there heh
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