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Best was to handle 220v run

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I'm wanting to run a 30 amp 220v to my garage. Probably 30 ft to the attic from the breaker in the kitchen (1st floor),. 35 ft across the attic (which is above the second floor) and around 30-35 down to the garage (below the kitchen level). Unfortunately the garage is finished and located at ground level.

My breaker box is full so I either need to get a 100 amp panel with 32 slots (current is 24) or run a 50/60amp sub panel in the upstairs guest bedroom. and change the dryer breaker from 30 to 50 or 60amps and run a low gauge (Probably 6/3 or 4/3) wire that will support 50 or 60 amps back to the panel in the kitchen.

Ideally I’m looking to put in a NEMA 14-30 connection or a NEMA 6-20 preferably the 14-30 unless this isnt possible

1. Can I legally have a 60amp Breaker in a 100amp panel? One electrician told me that you shouldn't have a Breaker that is over half of you total output.

2. If I cant put a 60amp Breaker and have to go with 50 can I still have two 30Amp breakers in the subpanel? Dryer is rated for 26amp max and the Car charger will do 24amps max so I would essentially not be able to run both at the same time (which is fine)

3. I added the junction box to the new run from the dryer to the Sub-Panel to avoid pulling a new wire down to the dryer. Is this ok?

4. My idea is to run the wires and essentially have a qualified electrician actually make the connection from the subpanel to the panel in the kitchen. Will electricians do this or will they only do it if they do the entire job?


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Talk to the electricians before you do any work. Many will not complete a job that a DIYer started.
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You can put a 100 amp breaker in a 100 amp main panel to feed a sub panel.

Either hire an electrician or do it all yourself.

A load calculation should be done to determine if you have the capacity to add the circuits in the garage.
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