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Okay, here is my first post! I am a rank amateur, single mom on a serious budget (gotta say that as it colors everything I do here).

I have a 954 sq/ft, pier/beam house, 18" above ground, with piers that I don't think go down too much into the ground, so my house shifts around all year long. I have NO insulation in the attic, and no insulation underneath. My floor consists of either sheet vinyl or wood laminate. Vinyl and laminate in rear of house is over good sub floor, with the plastic sheet barrier we were recommended under laminate. Laminate in front of house is over same plastic sheet barrier, over 3/4" plywood, over original floor which was just planks set on the beams underneath. I insulated the walls when we gutted it, and now its hot as #$%! and I need to insulate the rest!!!

QUESTION / ATTIC- What is the best insulation for each area (attic and under house)? I have a friend doing installation. We plan to use recommended fiberglass in attic as I want some areas of attic to be floored for storage. If I used blow in, I was told you have to blow in over the height of the joists, so I wouldn't be able to just blow in for areas needing a floor. Its hot, so I wanted to limit time spent up there and will do work through night instead of in day (we're in the high 90s and super humid Houston area). Any suggestions to make it faster and easier to get it done up here without compromising R factor?

QUESTION / UNDER HOUSE) - What is the best type of insulation to use? We are very, very humid year round, and no mold, so don't want to make it happen with this project. We will be addressing inside with caulk around all baseboards, but I'm so confused about all the choices available. Batt? Spray foam? Styrofoam boards? Huh?

I hope I gave the information needed to get advice, ask if you need more. Remember, I know nothing, so know you are talking to an ignorant, but willing to learn amateur. Daddy always said there is no such thing as a stupid question, that stupidity was not asking. So here I am. Help!! Thanks in advance for advice/patience!


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I like your ideas. I would also recommend installing an attic fan in your home. It will literally suck the hot air out of the attic and cool your entire house within minutes. I live in Austin and I feel your heat pain.

The insulation underneath my mother-in-laws house (pier/beam) is the same pink fiberglass insulation as the attic, but it is sealed in with a black tarp grade material. The house stays pretty cool.

But seriously have someone look into building you an attic fan - they work wonders and require little maintenance over the years.

Good Luck!

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