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Best shingles for the roof

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Hello everyone,

I am stuck between GAF Timberline and BP Everest 42/or Mystique 42.

I am stuck between these 2 companies.

Please advise
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I am not familiar with the BP product, but the GAF is a solid shingle in our market. It put some GAF on my father's home if that tells you anything.
I am familiar with both and have no issues with either one. Have been using a lot of the BP's these last few years and am very impressed, they are consistent and have a very aggressive seal strip.
Timberline's are a little more attractive visually, depending on the colour you choose. They also have a strong seal strip, and a few more colours to choose from.
You can't go wrong with either IMO.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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