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Best paint remover?

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I am looking for a chemical paint remover. I have a large front porch with chipping paint and I believe it was painted with latex paint. What's the best paint remover to use on concrete?

I live in PA.
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I've used this stuff a lot over the years. I don't know if it's even available anymore, well, at least in its old form. It's so caustic that it burns your skin and if you get any in your eyes, well, forget about it.

Some of the citrus strippers are good but take multiple applications to work. You may even have to cover the stripper with thin mil plastic to keep it marinating. They are less caustic which is a plus.


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I chemical stripper would be a last resort. I would try a wire wheel on a drill and just a wire brush first. Maybe a pic would help us recommend something. Remember it all doesn't need to be removed just what's loose.
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