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I'm taking possession of a 30 year old condo that I've rented for the past 8 years. After some fix-ups, I'll be the one moving into it. I'll be painting it all one color including the ceiling (after I scrap off the popcorn texture).

In my previous residence, it's been about 5 years now, I've used Porter Paint's Hi-Hide. I've always liked the results, but since it's been a few years since I've purchased paint I'd like to know what would be recommended now. Should I use a primer on the ceiling after scraping it?

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When I do those scrape offs- unless you wet it and it comes down to just the rock (almost never) Here's my steps-
Prime with Gardz to nail down loose powder
skim, maybe 3 times if needed
sand smooth
reprime ( can be a good pigmented primer)
check over with light- spot mud,sand spot prime
Paint ceiling

Not easy - but only way to get it to look good.
Quality materials = quality job
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