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(Novice here) That is a dated style cabinet. Oak is timeless, but those cabinets are not timeless at all, unless grandma's 80's country kitchen is the look you want. Maybe a darker stain, but re-staining that seems like a monumental task. I have seen people paint their cabinets with latex (green though??? odd) and while it does look nicer, they always seemed sticky and the paint rubs off unless you religiously use the handle/knob instead of grabbing the sides. I think there are solid enamels (harder shell) with satin (flatter) finishes that would be best for hard wood, but I'm a novice here. It just seems to me people overuse the "housepaint" rubbery latex. Enamels like what's on picture frames crack I guess.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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