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best paint and application for house lights

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Hello to All,

We have some fairly nice [heavy grade material] lights that are installed on each side of our double-garage doors. The house is stucco.

The lights are painted black, and I had to unscrew them to replace the 4 bulbs. My wife had some painters paint them w an blk oil-base, which made getting the [brass] screws out REAL FUN :vs_mad:
I want to take them completely apart, remove all the parts/glass and paint them w a black semi-gloss, inside and out. IS there a good quality paint that comes in a spray can, if the surfaces are all prep properly? I was going to power wash all loose [mainly the inside] and the sandpaper 250-300 grit the edges where I had to pry open the top & bottom and some of the paint came off. I wanted to spray it 3-5 times w light coats and wait 24 hrs btw coats, and make sure it's low humidity.

Thank you and I appreciate your feedback,
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just wanted to know if this topic was either not worth posting or is using the words "spray can" and "good" in the same sentence taboo? thanks
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