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best hardwood floor finish for natural color

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like the title says, i want to find the best clear hardwood finish. Oil-based tends to yellow, and some water-based has a tint to it.

I have white oak floors.
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Anything you think of using is going to have some color to it, or the wood will react and change a bit. No finish on the planet is so inert it is perfectly clear. And the UV coatings would not work if they did not have a bit of something to them.

Do you have scraps? Buy quarts and play until you find the best match. Your best choice will probably be with the water-based polyurethanes. Try some of the new high tech nano silicone floor finishes if the $$$$ do not scare you.

You will stay clear of box store products and get real finishes from a paint supplier right? You might have to shop around for the silicon stuff.

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You can look into water based urethane which is a water borne urethane with a blend of synthetic resins, plasticizers and other film forming ingredients that produces a durable surface that is moisture resistant. These finishes are clear and non-yellowing and come in different sheen levels. They have a milder odor than oil modified finishes have and they dry in about two to three hours. One other thing water based urethanes are generally more expensive.
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