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I've pulled up some old carpet and padding in part of my basement and would like to replace with a solid floor. I'm trying to figure out the best product between vinyl planks vs. laminate, underlayment vs. no underlayment, moisture barrier vs. no moisture barrier.

On top of the concrete slab in the basement, there appears to be some old (possibly asbestos) vinyl tiles, which have been mostly painted over with a grey paint.

The floor is mostly smooth, though there is one large bump in one area where it appears some sort of compound was poured at some point. Because of the vinyl tile and paint, the floor appears to be pretty dry in that area, as I guess it acts as a moisture barrier. So I'm not sure the normal recommendations with regards to installing directly on top of concrete slab still apply to me or not?

At one edge of the room, where the tile ends, I have some small dryrot issues with the studs in that area. It's an older house, so the studs sitting directly on the concrete appear to have absorbed a little bit of moisture in some areas. The edges of the new flooring will have to come in contact with this area where the vinyl tiles end.

I'm trying to decide the best flooring material to use. I've considered Allure Ultra, though have heard some mixed things. The Allure is not supposed to be used with any underlayment of vapor barrier.

Any recommendations?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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