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I side with Just Bill and your husband on this. Hardwood floors, wooden sub-floors and anything organic on the basement floor is not good idea.
Even the driest basement still gets some level of moisture, as the porous concrete slab and walls sit against humid soil. Water is consistently seeping in through capillary action. In addition, differences in temperature between the basement and the surrounding areas cause moisture in the air to condensate over colds surfaces in the basement.

Organic materials tend to soak the moisture, and being organic, favor mold growth. Laminates are a good option however, beware because many laminates or some of the materials used in their installation are still made with organic compounds. Some laminates are made with wood as well.

I'd strongly suggest that you look into flooring options developed specifically for basements like floating laminates and plastic or carpeted tiles that are 100% waterproof and mold resistant.
These floating floors will not get damaged even if your basement is under water. You take them off, dry them out, put them back.

In such products, the finished surface is raised off the floor by a system of channels that allow the slab underneath to breath and dry out, and that offers you also thermal protection, as the surface is usually 10 degrees warmer than the concrete.

And they come in several finishes... from laminates that simulate the look and feel of hardwood to carpeted to "ceramic" tiles.
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