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belling 335 cooker

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can anyone tell me how install the belling 335 electric cooker
its the wire from the cooker thats the problem. 6mm cable far to big,
any advise
picture is back of cooker connection point but what cable 6mm far to big could it be 4mm or less ??
thank you


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found the answer

if you undue the screws the 6mm cable slips underneath,if you look closely you will see where the bridging bars are the cable slots either above or below them,this is a simple enough procedure
Earth Live Neutral

Earth Live Neutral are clearley marked
the problem was there is no clearley marked space for the cable to fit.
but i got the answer from another site.
i rang help line no use at all.
no instructions came with the cooker.????
just tells you to attach the wires to the right screws Earth, Live, Neutral
as i have never seen a fitting like this i was confussed
but all ok now working fine
thanks for your help
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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