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Behr Premium Plus Ultra

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Notice the word 'ultra' in the subject line.

I own a few rentals at the beach - Southern California. Salt air is pretty hard on metal, stucco and paint.

I do most of the painting myself. I'm not a professional painter.

For Interiors...
Over the years I've used a lot of 'Behr Premium Plus' paint (not 'ultra'). It's pretty junky stuff - it's ability to 'hide' is really poor. On the other hand, beach rentals turn over frequently, you paint the interiors with Ultra Pure White, and 18 to 24 months later when you have to touch-up or repaint, the poor hiding abilities of the paint are not a big deal under those circumstances.

For Exteriors...
I've tended to use products like Dunn-Edwards. It's a brand popular with painting contractors in SoCal - considered to be higher quality than anything from Home Depot.

Several years ago I painted some exterior railing with Dunn-Edwards Permasheen Semi-Gloss. It needed to be repainted after a couple years - cracks, finish had become noticeable porous and rough. I wasn't too surprised, the salt air is really hard on everything. I repainted with Dunn-Edwards.

About 9 months ago the railing needed to be painted again. I happened to be at Home Depot and noticed their relatively new line of paint called 'Behr Premium Plus Ultra'. I'd already been reading a number of unrelated articles about nano technology in chemistry. This new paint with 'nanoguard' sounded intriguing, so I decided to roll the dice on it. It's about $37 / gallon and $16 / quart at my local Home Depot (pricey by Home Depot standards - but OK if it works).

Here's my impressions so far:
Hide - very good. Vastly superior to Behr Premium Plus
Adhesion - very good
Leveling - mixed results. The first time I used it, it was warm, I was working in direct sun, 'leveling' was not good. I probably should have used an additive like Floetrol. I bought another can of the stuff yesterday, used it on a cool day in the shade, leveling was pretty good.
Finish after 9 months - very good, better than the Dunn-Edwards.

I was sufficiently impressed that I recently painted a metal garage door (again, at the beach - think 'rust') with 'Behr Premium Plus Ultra' (after first doing lots of prep including priming with a rust inhibiting primer).

Anyone out there had any experience with 'Behr Premium Plus Ultra'? There's no need to tell us how much you hate 'Behr Premium Plus' - it's common knowledge that that paint has issues.
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The manufacturer of Behr brand probably replaced the regular pigment grind size by superfine, micronized particles bought from one of the companies who make these 'nano' grinds. The smaller the particle size the better the hiding.

We used to buy iron oxide pigments in 'nano' grind sizes for better skin care products...although we had our own micronizers, this was better for our premium lines.
Anyone out there had any experience with 'Behr Premium Plus Ultra'?:yes:

Yes, it still sucks.:furious::censored::laughing:


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