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Bedroom light

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Looking for some advice on electrical wiring. I hit a stump and not sure which way to go. Pictured below is a light box. The left is the hot that comes from the bathroom. The middle is for this room. And to the right is the closet light. When I arrived all blacks were tied together. And the two whites from the closet and bathroom were tied together. The solo white was for this room. So I hooked up the light in this room and it doesn't work. I check the voltage and there isn't any. So I separate the blacks. With all separate I only have voltage on the bathroom wires. If I tie the bathroom and this room together I get lights in this room and bathroom. But closet doesn't work. If I tie bathroom and closer together. I now have working closet lights and bathroom. But this room doesn't work. And with all three tied together, this room still doesn't work. Not sure exactly which direction to look at. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Lets step back a bit. Who's place is this at, what was the reason that led you to undoing all of the wires and what do you mean by "arrived"?
It's my place I arrived to the room knowing I needed to put a light fixture up but once I hooked it up I quickly realized it didn't work. I separated it all out so I'd know where it all went and which wire was actually the hot trying to feed everything. (just bought the place)
Assuming that is a ceiling box and you are replacing or adding a ceiling light and the room light is on a switch you are probably looking at an unmarked switch loop. The white from "this room" should have been taped or painted black. If so, tie all blacks together then tie the bathroom white, closet white, white from your new ceiling room light together. The white "room" wire will be the hot for the ceiling light when switched on so that white gets tied to the black from the the ceiling light.
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