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Hi, first time posting so if this is thr the wrong place ask then im sorry

Basically, i have a bed frame with 2 storage compartments in place of its headboard, and I've opened both the compartment covers for the first time but the covers both locked in place in what im assuming is an intended feature

The further i pull the covers up the further up it locks in place and i can't figure out how to close it back down

Any info on how these bed frame compartments work or how to close them would be great as im completely clueless here. Thanks in advance


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I do not know for sure, but I am going to say that those are for sitting up to watch the tv also.

I think that they might need to be pulled upright before they automatically release and are then able to be lowered fully.

Just a guess though , so if you pull them up and they do not automatically release, look underneath for a small lever that you can toggle to release them.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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