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Hello. First time poster. I've read as many posts as I can about removing a bearing wall. I am not going to do this myself, based on the advice I've read. However, I plan on finishing a basement, and here in the Atlanta area, builders frame supporting walls in basements in lieu of installing a beam. I want the basement opened up.

Here are the questions I've not seen answered.

1. How do I find a contractor who is experienced in solving this type of problem?

2. What are some questions I can ask to see if he is BS'ing me?

3. Any idea of the cost (ballpark.....$1000...$2000...$5000)? I do not have an unlimited budget, and the if the cost is too high to do this part, I might have to scrap it.

The wall is approximately 25 feet long, in the basement. It is a supporting wall. Above about 13 feet of it is the first floor, with no wall directly on it. Above the other 1/2 of the wall is a first floor wall, which is also, likely, supporting the second floor. The two pics are of the same wall.

I apologize if this is too vague. Any advice is appreciated.


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If budget is a problem you may be disappointed. To remove this you need to make two temporary walls to hold it up while a new beam is installed. The only way to get a clear opening is to use a steel beam. Which means cutting a hole in the side of the house to slide the beam in place. Needs a full crew and will cost several thousand dollars. Building a wood beam will require posts and footings for these posts. Either way you are dealing with a lot of money.
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