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Am putting up bead board in my bathroom, and know I have to condition the boards by leaving them in the room for a couple of days before I install them. My question is do I do it before or after I paint them???
I plan on painting before installation

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Ever installed bead board before?
What's it going over, sheet rock?
Here's a few tips.
Look around the whole room to see how the panels are going to be effected by things like outlets, vanity, window sills, Ect.
You do not want it to end up in the middle of an outlet, I've seen that one many times.
Ideally you want to start installing it close to the middle of the wall so you have even exposure on the two ends.
All seams must end up in the middle of the studs.
If your going over sheet rock I use Loc Tite Power Grab.
And go over the panel with a hand floor roller to compress out the glue behind the panel.
I use a narrow crown staple gun to attach because of the holding power and the tiny hole it makes.
Done right you should only need to nail at the butt seams because the baseboard and panel cap will hold the panels flat on the wall.
Never install it tight to the floor, leave it about 1/2" high for a couple of reasons, floors are never flat, and to stop water from wicking up the wall.
The two end pieces will need to be scribed and cut to fit for a nice tight fit so no inside corner molding is needed.
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