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I am looking for a BC certified electrical contractor or inspector, electrician or person(s) who has gone through this process to answer a few questions. I know with enough research I could probably find the info but it would be good to hear from real people.

  • 1973 house containing wiring of that era (no aluminum)
  • Move location of meter (BC Hydro)
  • Move location of main panel
  • Increase from 100 to 200A
  • Rewire and reroute a portion of the wiring
Electrical Technologist - Education and 14+ years experience is in the field of electrical and electronics.

Description of Process (in order):

  1. Buy and pre-install new 200amp panel
  2. pre-wire (no connection to panel or current wiring)
    • from the new panel to a halfway points where I would use junction boxes to connect to the 1973 wiring. (Junction boxes would be always accessible)
    • New wiring to renovated basement area.
  3. BC Hydro moves meter and rewires to new panel
  4. Connect pre-wiring to house wiring and new panel
  5. Get inspection

  1. Is the above process allowed?
  2. Can I connect to the existing 1973 wiring with junction boxes? Or do I have to rewire the entire house since I am installing a new panel?
  3. Can I hire a private inspector instead of getting permits from the BC safety authority? I am in an area where a local permit is not required.
Any feedback would be great!
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