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I am looking for a BC certified electrical contractor or inspector, electrician or person(s) who has gone through this process to answer a few questions. I know with enough research I could probably find the info but it would be good to hear from real people.

  • 1973 house containing wiring of that era (no aluminum)
  • Move location of meter (BC Hydro)
  • Move location of main panel
  • Increase from 100 to 200A
  • Rewire and reroute a portion of the wiring
Electrical Technologist - Education and 14+ years experience is in the field of electrical and electronics.

Description of Process (in order):

  1. Buy and pre-install new 200amp panel
  2. pre-wire (no connection to panel or current wiring)
    • from the new panel to a halfway points where I would use junction boxes to connect to the 1973 wiring. (Junction boxes would be always accessible)
    • New wiring to renovated basement area.
  3. BC Hydro moves meter and rewires to new panel
  4. Connect pre-wiring to house wiring and new panel
  5. Get inspection

  1. Is the above process allowed?
  2. Can I connect to the existing 1973 wiring with junction boxes? Or do I have to rewire the entire house since I am installing a new panel?
  3. Can I hire a private inspector instead of getting permits from the BC safety authority? I am in an area where a local permit is not required.
Any feedback would be great!

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Non BC, Non electrician comments.

You will probably need an inspection BEFORE BC Hydro will connect you to your new panel.
I have never heard of a private inspection instead of a BCSA one.
Accessible junction boxes should be fine as long as you don't over fill them.
Here we need approval from the local Hydro on the location of the new meter.
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