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Bathtub removal or just the surround?

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I have a 1950's bathtub made of .... I think steel. It works ok but was wondering if I can get away with only removing the surrounding tile and drywall then replacing with better tile. It is a rental property and I don't want to spend more time or money on anything I don't have to.

What would you do? I also want to spend more time installing a shower diverter valve.


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I would just get rid of the tile
Are you getting any water damage around the ends of the shower curtain through the floor?
No water damage but I will rip out the floor for new tile. It is a slab floor.
If the tub is still in good shape, saving it is a good plan---those cast iron double skirted tubs are mighty rare---
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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