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bathtub not leveled

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I just had a new tub installed. The tub it not leveled and now when we take a shower water still remains in the tub (not a lot but enough). It seems that the tub tilted to the right and towards the back.

What can be some of the problems we would have in the long run if we did not get this fixed?
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If you are careful you will have no problems such as:

1. If the tub gets overfilled then water may overflow onto the floor or seep into the wall before the safety overflow takes effect.

2. Remaining water not manually removed from the tub can leave soap and mineral deposits and that "ring around the bathtub" effect.
Only real "problem" is it looks bad. This area will be where all the dirt settles.
Call the person back that instaled the tub, it is not installed correct.
I called him back to correct the problem. He's talking about what a major job that will be to reinstall the tub, I told him I don't care I paid you to do a job correct. I have also noticed that the new tile he installed in the shower area has cracks in the grout.
Make him do it correctly. It is just not that hard to level a tub when you install it. I have noticed more often than not plumbers are not setting the tubs or shower pans in plaster or cement like they used to... Is it really that time consuming or expensive to plop some material on the floor before setting the tub or pan???
You were correct to make him redo the job. I thought you had installed it and were only asking if it would cause "problems". If it is an acrylic or plastic tub, it should also have a mortar bed under it to prevent cracking later. The grout was probably too wet or dry and thats why it is cracking. The tub rests on a board secured to the back wall. If he had used a level when installing the board, the tub would be level.
You paid for the job to be done right then get it done right no matter how big a job it is, it is his mistake he should have done it right the first time. If he refuses then tell him you will see him in court. I take it this is a preofessional plumber and not someone who said he was.
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