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Bathtub Installation Problem

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I am trying to install a new bath tub. ( metal with enamel ) and it just doesn't want to fit in. The opening is maybe an 1/8-1/4" too small.

If I slightly bent the flange to get it in, will it be a problem? I don't think it should but I don't want to crack the enamel. ( but it is made to have nails/screws put through it, the flange that is)
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look and see if any studs are sticking out past the bottom plate and if any

are bowed. used to have the same problem in new houses with the studs not

being lined up with the bottom plate. better to shave the studs then to try

bending the flange esp if its a steel tub, too easy for the porcelain to just

pop where you dont want it to. if you can slide the tub in from the front you

can cut 1/8 inch deep notches in the studs that are sticking out.

how about some pictures?
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