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Bathroom wood flooring options?

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I have a bathroom that has 2" pine wood flooring that is 75 years old. I'd like to remove the tile and just have a finished wood floor. What can I use to protect the wood floor that will still be safe in a bathroom. There must be a way to have the beauty of wood without busting my butt after a shower. So tell me how it can be done.

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Any long term moisture is bad for wood.
Spills have to be cleaned up and not left on the floor.

Anyone who says any wood is waterproof is uneducated or lying....

Millions of people have wood in their bath's and like it...but they take care of it...
I was building a house once and asked the flooring contractor the same question and this look of amazement came over his face. He didn't even respond-verbally.

To even consider wood flooring in a main or master bath is enough reason to award you a time out! What were you thinking? :laughing:

I know it sounds crazy but I wanted to be sure before I replaced the tile. I did find these people on line I wrote to them I they suggested the "No-Skid" and the "ND Aggregate." They claim that this will seal and protect the wood. Has anyone tried it? I will give them a call next week I see if they stick by their story.
75 years ago, many countries, certainly in North America were in a serious financial state of distress marked by real high unemployment. Back then, it might have been 'in' to put down wood floors because there were plenty of people who would clean it - apart from the homeowner - and many households had a number of service people who were willing to do that. Wax it every day? sure! Dry it after every shower/bath? why not?

But nowadays we're faced with a different reality and vastly different costs. Nowadays, and knowing the damage that water/moisture/mould can make, we take a different view and try to manage where the water ends up. We don't take the time to wipe dow stone showers worth $15000 - so I'm not holding my breath to find that one in a million persons who would wipe up their wooden floor. :no:

Even with modern polyurethane and baked-on finishes, none of the manufacturers recommend their products in a bathroom. Wonder why, don't you?:wink:

A few drops of actual water or a few % of increased humidity will make wood wiggle. The more it wiggles, the more it exposes it's underbelly to even more moisture. Pretty soon, the floor is dangerous to walk on without soled that what you want?

Don't think you do - as, like me, you're probably too busy cleaning your butt to 'bust it' as you say...Look, go ahead and trust the word of some internet website and chemical genius who swears up and down that his product is a miracle product and will protect your wooden floor in your bathroom. What'd you think is in it for him, apart from a sale?

IMHO you'd get better protection for your wood floors by using 6mil green garbage bags that you would from any topical product like those. Cheaper too. But this is the conventional wisdom; there's no-one here that can stop you putting it back in a few months after you do, or rethink it.:yes:
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Point taken; tile wins again.
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