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Bathroom wiring with under floor heating

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I'm in the process of finishing my basement. For the bathroom, I plan on installing under floor heating pads. I am having trouble deciding what circuits to wire everything to. I know that per code the bathroom lights shall be on a separate circuit from the receptacle. Therefore, I plan on using
the same 20 amp circuit that the rest of my basement lights are on and running a separate 20 amp circuit for the receptacle. Can I share the new 20 Mp circuit for the receptacle with the under floor heating or must I run a 3 Ed circuit to the bathroom? I ask be amuse I am running out of spots in my panel.

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Unless you are in Canada, lights & receptacle on same circuit is fine as long as the circuit is dedicated to the bath.

I would run 1 circuit for lights, receptacle and fan. Run 1 circuit for heat.
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