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Bathroom ventilation and cooling

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I have a full bath off of the master bedroom that is on the east side of the house. It has an HVAC vent, but vent to remove moisture. There is a small window as well. The problem is the room gets too hot in the mornings and the better half says she can not do her hair and what not.

The two ideas I have are to add a vent and fan for the humidity and change the lighting to some bulbs that put out less heat. Are there any other ideas on ways to keep the room cooler?

We keep the AC running pretty cool thru the night, that room just seems to warm up quickly.

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I'm not sure whether you are adding an exhaust vent fan to your bath or an additional HVAC vent/register to move more air. IF you are adding an exhaust vent fan or upgrading your existing exhaust vent fan may I highly suggest looking into replacing your switch for the exhaust fan or combo light/fan with a timed switch. I have learned that leaving our bath when I "thought" I was finished only left moisture in the air which actually leaves the bath area hotter than I would like it. I put a timed switch on our fan(s) in both baths and now we just turn the switch to the OFF position and the timer turns the fan OFF after twenty minutes. The bath(s) are always cooler now.
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