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bathroom vent duct question

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Hi group, I have a little condo in Long Beach, Ca. circa 1983 terrible construction anyway, I have first floor (3 story) condo and I have tub/shower/toilet room about 5x5' with an 8' ceiling and a small window about 18wide x 36" tall. I want to add a vent as stock it as a warming light bulb. currently the warming bulb and a room light are in the center directly in line with the window 18" of the toilet on the right and tub on the left. No GFCI, I'd like to move cut the ceiling remove the old fixture (2 different circuits for the light and the heating bulb) add a junction box and move over the tub and vent out (about 2') to the outside. From doing other ceiling work in the condo I should have about 12-18" between joists about 9" tall (sorry don't have exact measurements. I think most of the install should be normal but I have three questions.
1. I have flexible conduit electrical wires 6-8' length is that something I can use that in a shared wall with water lines. (separated by studs) or is there a different insulated conduit for water areas. (sorry have not researched this)
2. I know I'm suppose to have a gfci but to have one I'd need to add a gfci outlet I'm thinking it would need to be on the opposite side of the water (same as the light switch) but would the GFCI need to be above the water valves in case of a flood or is it ok at a stock 12" above the ground since it is a gfci.
3. Never cut a hole through a wall would I need a bi metal-wood 4" hole saw then a carbide hole saw to go through
stucco. Or can I use a high speed 11k rpm cutting router bit for the wood and cement bit for the stucco.

I'd say I have intermediate skills have done electrical quite a bit and I definitely use books to make sure I have it right.

Thanks a bunch David
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It is interesting that a building built in 1983 does not have GFCI protection in the bathroom. That has been a code item for long before 1983
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