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Bathroom Tile Help Needed

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TL;DR Need help with tile removal/replacement.

Background info, old condo, believe it was a garden apartments complex, built in the mid 60s. This is the bottom unit, directly on a slab.

So I had some flooding and had to pull out the wall in between my utility closet and bathroom. At one point a previous owner jammed a dual sink base cabinet into the very tiny bathroom (likely because it's only a single bathroom unit). Long story short, the cabinet had to go as well due to water damage, which I am okay with because it is really too large for the bathroom, and two people are never going to be using sinks together in that tiny space anyway.

However, once the base cabinet came out, I found the tile floor did not go all the way to the wall as shown in the image below. I am not putting a giant base cabinet back in, but want one more appropriately sized for this bathroom, so obviously I have to now redo the tile floor.

Obviously, where the base cabinet was, is bare concrete. But what am I looking at here where the tile edge is? Is this the original sub flooring? Did he lay tile over existing tile?

Finally, it appears he set the toilet onto the tile using concrete!? Here is the edge of the toilet against the tile.

So, couple of questions:

How hard is it going to be to remove this tile? I would imagine the sub flooring (if that is what I am looking at under the tile) will have to come up as well (and may even make the process easier?).

What do I do when I get to the toilet? If it is cemented in, will I have to destroy it to get it out? Is it possibly some sort of mortar that will break apart more easily than I anticipate?

Thankfully it is a small space and the existing tile only covers 62"x40", but I do not anticipate this being easy or quick.

Any suggestions at all on where to start would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
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